Time does not heal all wounds.

William W. Lorey


The Great Sand Dunes

Time does not heal all wounds. There are some wounds that are numbed by time, but the hurt is deep and it lingers. The sands of time can bury our wounds beneath its passing, only to find those wounds have been unearthed as the sands shift. Love heals all wounds. This love is greater than us and yet it is ours. It flows without judgement or prejudice upon any wound – all wounds – whether the other’s or your own. This love must be a taste of the “peace that passeth all understanding.” “…take this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it” is an invitation – a place-setting made at the table – for love to flow through you and for the darkness to be dispelled. Love – exquisite tenderness – so welcomed by an open heart, is what I, and maybe what we all, have been searching for.