William W. Lorey


The ruts we’re caught in lead us to live life as we always have. Despite having the best intentions and an understanding of how one’s life should change, well worn paths are still difficult to leave.

We tend to have the expectation that real, lasting change can be made quickly. That tomorrow we’ll finally start that new habit we’ve been putting off - and stick with it. But people don’t work that way.

To get yourself out of the rut you’re in - into a better, more fulfilling rut - you have to slowly wear a new path.

Instead of going cold turkey on processed foods today, try just cutting them out of lunch. Instead of expecting to be mindful every moment of the day, choose just a few moments today to connect with your experience.

The expectation here isn’t that perpetuating good habits will forever take effort. Eventually you’ll form a new rut, rendering your habits automatic and concrete. Not aspirational.

Aiming for perfection in your habits to begin with misses the point. Without small, deliberate steps in the right direction, you’ll forever stay in your rut.