How Crappy Do You Want Your Life To Be?

William W. Lorey


revised 2023-06-14

This simple formula governs how crappy life is:

suffering = pain * resistance

Part of the blessing/curse of being human is that we all will experience pain in our lives. This can’t be avoided. Although we all try to.

Resistance is our way of trying to skirt around pain. Our thoughts turn to self criticism and complaining in our attempt to avoid unpleasantness:

“This shouldn’t be happening to me.”

“How dare they treat me that way.”

“I can’t believe I acted like that.”

We’re like toddlers - believing that if we just complain enough, we’ll get what we want: to stop experiencing whatever pain is present.

As resistance approaches zero, so does suffering. You get to decide if you’ll accept pain and deal with it, or futilely resist in the childish attempt to be completely free of pain.